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Featured Listings

BJ Ranch
1,887.79 +/- Acres | Yolo County, CA | $9,000,000 ($4,768 per acre)

The property is located one mile south of County Road 17, one mile east of County Road 102 and one-mile northeast of Woodland, within the Cache Creek Settling Basin. The property is irrigated by six groundwater wells in addition to a recirculation of drain water from Ridgecut Slough.

Phillips Ranch
263.29 Acres | Western Yolo County, CA | $3,159,480

The properties are located 1 1/2 miles southwest of the Town of Esparto at the junction of County Roads 23A and 85 in Western Yolo County. This is a very nice and secluded parcel tucked in next to the base of Blue Ridge Hills. The whole property is in the Water District and could be utilized for a number of different uses.

Dale Ranch
53.16 Acres | Woodland, CA | $1,400,000

The properties are located 4 miles west of the City of Woodland, on the south side of State Highway 16 in Yolo County. The parcels have substantial improvements on them which provides an excellent cash flow to the property.