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Sold Listings

Phillips Ranch

263.29 Acres | Western Yolo County, CA | $2,374,900
Closed December 21, 2018

The properties are located 1 1/2 miles southwest of the Town of Esparto at the junction of County Roads 23A and 85 in Western Yolo County. This is a very nice and secluded parcel tucked in next to the base of Blue Ridge Hills. The whole property is in the Water District and could be utilized for a number of different uses.

Dale Ranch

53.16 Acres | Woodland, CA | $1,275,000
Closed August 29, 2018

The properties are located 4 miles west of the City of Woodland, on the south side of State Highway 16 in Yolo County. An intensive agriculture, the properties are in the Williamson Act.

Turkey Track

2,576 Acres | Williams, Colusa County, CA | $1,802,850.00
Closed May 8, 2018

This large Ranch in the hills of Colusa County has perimeter fencing, year round gravel road providing access to the secluded hunting lodge, the lodge has a living room, kitchen, 1 bdrm, 1 bath & a bunkhouse with a bathroom. The Ranch provides excellent Pig, Deer, & Elk Hunting. There are 2 Ponds stocked with Bass for fishing. This is a working Cattle Ranch, with seasonal streams running through the property.

Bowlbey 312

312.43 Acres | Dixon, CA | $2,000,000
Closed April 6, 2018

The Ranch is located ten (10) miles southeast of the City of Dixon and fourteen (14) miles due south of the City of Davis on the east side of Liberty Island Road in southeasterly Solano County. The Ranch has been developed to and utilized for irrigated pasture production over the last 35 years. Prior to it’s conversion to irrigated pastures, the prope1ty was farmed to alfalfa, corn, and sugar beets.

Crum Ranch

235.59 Acres | Yolo County, CA | $2,853,284
Closed February 15, 2018

This is a well located property that has great accessibility and visibility on the West side of Highway 505. The Ranch consists of 2 parcels, one being 140.84 acres and the other 94.75 acres, with a total of 235.59 acres. Historically, the Ranch has been used to farm rice, irrigated row crops, and dryland hay.

Lillard Ranch

59.77 Acres | Yolo County, CA | $1,000,000
Closed February 12, 2018

This is a very well located parcel just north of the City of Davis. The property is not encumbered by any Conservation Easements or a Williamson Act Contract and could be utilized for a number of different purposes. The Ranch has been co-listed with John Brennan of Brennan, Jewett and Associates.

Bowlsbey Ranch – 5725 Liberty Island Road

1609.25 Acres | Dixon, CA | $10,460,125
Closed June 30, 2017

Large irrigated pasture properties such as this rarely come onto the market. This one is well developed, has excellent water rights, and is located in the heart of the Dixon pasture belt, with recreational hunting and delta mitigation potential.

Sievers Road

75.76 Acres | Dixon, CA | $1,600,000
Closed on 10/4/2016

This is a very well located parcel that has potential for orchard plantings, or possible some type of agricultural commercial usage with 3,000 feet of Interstate 80 frontage

Rancho de Dos Palmas

507.28 Acres | Davis, CA | $5,700,000
Closed on 10/15/2016

This Ranch located in Yolo County has historically been used as irrigated row-crop for production of Corn, Tomatoes, Wheat and Alfalfa.  347 Acres of the Ranch is encumbered by a Swainson’s Hawk Conservation Easement. The Owner has developed an extensive irrigation system for water improvements.  The Ranch has Riparian Rights to Putah Creek dating back to original Patents in 1871.

Bauer Ranch

312.5 Acres | Dixon, CA | $4,900,000
Closed on 10/4/2016

Ranch is located between the Cities of Davis and Dixon in Solano County. The Property has 2 producing Ag Wells including a domestic well for the Home and Shop area. Ranch has historically been farmed to irrigated row crops, the soils are good enough quality for Almond Orchard Production.  Both parcels have an existing Williamson Act Contract.  There is a 100 yr. old home on the property that is currently rented on a monthly basis.

Tolson Estate – 38435 County Road 13

81.81 Acres | Woodland, CA | $972,000
Closed on 8/05/2016

This parcel is located on the SE corner of County Roads 13 and 98 in Yolo County. Available Oil, Mineral, and Gas Rights will convey with the property. Ranch has FSA Base. There is an Ag well with a 50 HP pump that supplies water to the parcel. There is an older 2 bedroom, 1 bath home on the property w/ approx. 1,000 sq. ft. & in good condition. There is also a 2 car garage and a good sized barn. This is a very nice 81.81 acre parcel with good soils for a variety of different crops. This parcel can be sold independently or in combination with the 333.11 Acre on the North side of County Rd. 13

Tolson Estate – County Road 13 & County Road 98

3 Parcels | 333.11 Acres | Woodland, CA | $2,016,000
Closed on 8/05/2016

Ranch is 3 separate parcels located at County Rd. 13 & County Rd. 98 in Yolo County, each parcel has a separate Williamson Act Contract.  Ranch has FSA Base. Historically Ranch has been farmed to irrigated pasture and dry land row-crops. Available Oil, Mineral, & Gas Rights will convey with the property. Ranch is in Reclamation District 787 & shares in the Colusa Drain Mutual Water Company. These parcels can be sold as a 333.11-acre unit, or in combination with a 81 acre parcel on the south side of County Road 13.

Peterson Ranch
1,599.83 acres | Dixon/Solano County | $6,900,000
Closed on 6/28/2016

This Ranch has historically been utilized for dry land grazing a1nd irrigated pasture, the area is highly classified as a “High Value Conservation Area”. The property has 4 onsite Wells including Riparian rights to the Lindsey Slough. The property appeals to livestock Ranchers. The Ranch is improved with various structures at its headquarters.

Lillard Ranch
537 Acres | Davis, CA  | $6,678,000
Closed on 6/22/2016

Located in Yolo County the property is not encumbered by any Conservation Easement or Williamson Act contract, and could be utilized for a number of different purposes.  The Ranch has historically been utilized for irrigated row-crop, irrigated pastures and dry-land Hay production. The Ranch has Farm Service Agency Base which is on file along with a copy of the current Farming Lease.

Gale Ranch
368.64 Acres | Woodland, CA  | $4,789,520
Closed on 6/10/2016

Ranch is located 6 miles west of the City of Davis on the northwest corner of County Roads 29A and 92E in Yolo County. The Ranch has 2 Separate Walnut Orchards 6 yrs. apart in age encumbering 101 acres of the Ranch. Both Walnut orchards are irrigated with Solid Set sprinklers.  All available Oil, Mineral, and Gas Rights will convey with the property.

Payne Ranch
3,147 acres | Grazing Ranch, Williams, Colusa County  | $2,360,632 | Closed on 5/3/2016

This is a good sized working cattle Ranch well located at the junction of Highway 16 and Hwy 20 west of the City of Williams. This Ranch is currently under a Williamson Act Contract. There are several ponds and a couple of seasonal streams, the elevations Range from 1,100 to 2000 ft. The Ranch has good fences & Roads, it is nicely laid out for gathering and moving Cattle. The whole ranch is encumbered by a Conservation Easement held by California Range land Trust & allows for a 10 acre building located in the middle of the Ranch.

Cairns Ranch
186 acres | Dunnigan, Yolo County | SOLD

This is a small irrigated and dry land grazing Ranch well located just off of Freeway 505 in Yolo County. Access is provided to the property off of a private 16 foot deeded easement through a neighbor’s property off County Road 90 A.

Knaggs Ranch
188 acres | Yolo By-pass | SOLD

Irrigated farming parcel on the very eastern side of the Yolo By-pass.

Vaughn Ranch
637 acres | Yolo By-pass | SOLD

The Ranch is in good Water District with a reasonable supply and good water rates, and is well located near Davis and the Yolo By-pass, and can be accessed on two sides by County roads and it is all one contiguous block.